Geetings, rulers!

We’re delighted to announce our modding tool, which will shape the future of the land of Calderia. Our dedicated team has been working on the game’s event modding tool with Unreal Editor, empowering you to become the weavers of Calderia’s events!

ghoc life event

With this tool, you can craft your own unique events within the realm of Great Houses of Calderia. It will be available close to the Early Access release date. We can’t wait to see what amazing plots you’ll come up with! We hope to develop and expand this tool so you may further customize the game, everything lies in your hands!

ghoc modding Basic

[Great Houses of Calderia modding tool with Unreal Editor – Basic.]

ghoc modding Choices

[Great Houses of Calderia modding tool with Unreal Editor – Choices.]

Collaborate with like-minded rulers, share your ideas, and contribute to the legacy of Calderia. Whether you’re an experienced modder or just starting out, your skills will shine as you create your own events for Great Houses of Calderia!

Stay tuned for further information, as we will share more information about this modding tool in the coming weeks! May your imagination inspire countless stories in Calderia’s Great Houses!Join us on Discord and contribute to the development of the game!

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Source: Indie DB