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Let me say from the beginning that it’s been in development for a long time and it’s finally announced.

Magic To Master is a fantastic choice for fans of classic MMORPG games such as Knight Online, Archage, and Silkroad Online, Metin2. However, it goes beyond the familiar elements of these games by incorporating multiple business models, including B2B, B2C, and the highly sought-after P2P (Player-to-Player trading) system.

Let’s delve into the details of these business models. The B2B model focuses on business-to-business interactions, enabling players to engage in trade and commerce within the game world. On the other hand, the B2C model emphasizes the relationship between businesses and individual players, offering a wide range of in-game services and features. Finally, the P2P system allows direct player-to-player trading, fostering a dynamic economy and encouraging social interactions within the game.

The combat system in Magic To Master is a remarkable feature that sets it apart. It combines elements of hack-and-slash gameplay with a target system that can be both targeted and untargeted. This creates a satisfying and engaging combat experience, allowing players to unleash their skills and master various combat techniques.

The game offers a diverse range of character classes, including Warriors, Mages, Assassins, and Petrun. What’s interesting is that each class has both male and female versions, with unique strengths and abilities. This gender diversity brings balance and adds depth to the gameplay, ensuring that players have multiple options to suit their playstyle preferences.

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Magic To Master encompasses all the familiar features of factions, fractions, and other known game elements. For instance, the game introduces four distinct dynasties, with three of them being selectable and the fourth accessible only to those who prove themselves in the game. Each dynasty offers specific attributes and focuses on different aspects, such as magic, warfare, or trade. For example, the Rasan dynasty emphasizes magical prowess, while the Teven dynasty excels in warfare, and the Solon dynasty thrives in trade-related activities.ezgif 4 0e90bc2fd8

One of the distinguishing aspects of Magic To Master is its unique development team. The developers actively engage with the community and prioritize answering players’ questions and concerns. This approach fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, setting it apart from the ego-driven tendencies often observed in the industry.

According to information from the developers, the game features multiple in-game currencies, including three or four boss soul points. Players can acquire these points by defeating bosses and utilize them for in-game trading purposes. This intriguing currency system adds depth and complexity to the game’s economy.

To promote the game and provide information, Magic to Master’s YouTube and other social media channels regularly share shorts and videos related to the gameplay, offering insights and updates to the community.

The game’s intellectual property and all copyright rights belong to Laniatus LLC, a game company based in Boulder, CO. Detailed legal information can be found on their official website, providing players with transparency and assurance regarding the ownership and rights associated with the game.

The active presence of a dedicated Discord community adds value to the Magic to Master experience. While currently comprised mostly of Hungarian and Turkish players, the prospect of engaging with an influx of global players is on the horizon, enhancing the game’s reach and diversity.

Speaking of copyrights, the initial concerns surrounding how the game was distributed on Steam caught my attention. However, further research revealed that Magic To Master was developed using the Hero Engine, and Laniatus is currently an authorized owner of this engine. This adds to the credibility and professionalism of the game’s development process. What? For God’s sake don’t tell me you don’t know @Hero Engine šŸ™‚ I’m talking about the most successful cloud game engine in the world.

It is said that Magic to Master is 95% complete, and the team requires equipment and resources for the game’s release. This has led to the decision to launch a Kickstarter campaign to gather the necessary support. The Kickstarter page promises unique and limited rewards, which won’t impact the gameplay but will provide lasting benefits to those who acquire them.

Kickstarter campaigns often raise concerns among players due to the uncertainty surrounding independent game developers and their ability to deliver on their promises. However, Magic to Master and its team are operating on a different level. With their experienced team, players can have confidence in the project’s potential. At least, that’s what I can confidently say based on my own experiences.

Visit and follow the Kickstarter page to support this game.
On May 30, 2023, they announced that they will go Live Launch.

IGDB link where you can find all social media channels for the game.

Can Magic to Master breathe new life into a seemingly stagnant industry?

The answer remains uncertain, but the game’s unique features, strong community support, and the developer team’s attitude offer promising factors for a bright future. Magic to Master has the potential to provide a captivating and immersive experience for MMORPG enthusiasts. Stay tuned and eagerly await the opportunity to step into this new world.

Source: Indie DB

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