In Moonshine Inc., players assume the role of a young and ambitious moonshiner, diving headfirst into the world of bootlegging. As they progress through main missions, undertake intriguing side quests, and encounter thrilling road events during deliveries, they will discover that the life of a moonshiner is a relentless pursuit of success and survival.

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As they dive into the game, they’ll take charge of managing workers who craft and maintain equipment, purchase essential ingredients, unlock advanced technologies, plan deliveries and finances, all while staying under the radar. It’s up to player to make crucial decisions about trust and partnerships.

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Moonshine Inc., originally captured the attention of gamers and media when it was released in December 1st, 2022, and now it is set to expand its reach to console platforms. Coming soon, players will be able to enjoy the game on Xbox and PlayStation immersing themselves in the captivating world of moonshining from the comfort of their living rooms.

On February 23, Moonshine Inc. received a major update, introducing a highly anticipated feature: the Sandbox mode. From now on players could tailor their moonshining experience to their liking, with the ability to choose regions, starting money, and customize various gameplay elements such as Police Alert, production speed, crafting speed, and discoverability of technologies and recipes. This update added a new layer of depth and personalization to an already compelling gaming experience.

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Main Features:

  • a faithful reflection of the moonshine craft – fermentation and distillation based on chemical formulas behaving as natural processes
  • a realistic recreation of an American moonshiner’s business, with all its challenges
  • a rich story – 3 possible successful endings or a “Game Over” if caught by the authorities
  • 5 regions – running the base in the mountains, forest, swamps, town, and city, with linear progression
  • 70+ recipes – 15+ moonshines, 15+ whiskies, 20 brandies, 20+ vodkas
  • 50+ ingredients – sugars, fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • 35+ apparatuses – 17 distillation stills, 8 fermentation tanks, 5 post-distillation tanks, 7 pre-fermentation apparatuses, and more
  • 26 fermentation and distillation technologies
  • 37 main quests + side quests and road events

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