The Hundredth floor

Hey there. I have made an interactive fiction game that is about you and your sister getting stuck in a VRMMO and you have to clear out 100 floors to get out of the game alive. deffo not inspired by SAO

So far the game has character customization, a party system to fight enemies with, a housing system, a interesting inventory system, a cooking system and being able to take jobs as of now thats possible in the inn only… 

There are a few enemies to fight, a floor boss and a secret boss taht you have to find. 

As of now there is only 1 floor but work on floor 2 has started. Im still working on the game a lot so it might have a bit of bugs in it. Heres the link! Hope you enjoy the game šŸ™‚

 a picture of the character lol. Red hair is still not public though… it will come with 0.1.1


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Hi, Iā€™m PhoneticLight

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