Drop It: Block Paradise!


Welcome to the Leaderboard Update! This new update brings about several new changes, including 5 brand new Bonus Levels, 5 brand new Achievements as well of course the Leaderboards. These Leaderboard will bring about a healthy competitiveness to the game. As you play the various levels, you will start to earn points and rank up. These points are earned depending on the level you played, the harder the level, the more points you will earn. Go for #1!

Of course it wouldn’t be a fun update without new Bonus Levels. You can see one of them below. Don’t forget to do all the Bonus Levels, as this will play into the new Achievements the game has to offer. The below is one of the new Bonus Levels, and it just might be the wackiest level I have ever made!


You can find this Puzzle game on Steam & Xbox for only $2.99!


Source: Indie DB

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