RPG Exploration Music Pack

Hey everyone! I finally released my first music pack. Designed with a science fantasy setting in mind (picture Final Fantasy, NieR, Xenosaga, etc), my goal was to create strong themes that will help add identity and elevate the ambience to any RPG location.

In the pack you will find a variety of hybrid orchestral loops, delivered via 44.1 kHz 16-bit .WAV files. 

  1. City Night Theme
  2. Dangerous Land Theme
  3. Desert Theme
  4. Forest Theme
  5. Mysterious Land Theme
  6. Overworld Theme
  7. Quiet Town Theme
  8. Sentimental Area Theme
  9. Ship Theme
  10. Snow Theme

SoundCloud Playlist

I hope you will find some use out of this in your game. Any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me here, Twitter, or email! I am very easily reachable and happy to help.

RPG Exploration Music Pack


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