Puzzle Crossing 0.02 Released!

Hi Everyone,

I have just released the second version of my first game, Puzzle Crossing! I spent more time than I planned but there were just so many areas that needed improvement. 😉

Some of the new features and changes are:

  • An explorable overworld map that you can navigate with your avatar.
  • A new tileset for the overworld map with some simple cute animations
  • Multiple levels per location. Handcrafted and random levels
  • Multiple stages (goals) per level.
  • NPCs to interact with and receive quests from.
  • A simple skill system based on collectible trophy items
  • Dozens more gem types. Some with special properties (move, chase/attack other gems, transform)
  • Themed gameplay for some levels (eg. hide and seek, soccer, cooking smores)
  • More items and currency
  • Rebalancing of rewards
  • A time system (for future expanded gameplay elements)
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Many little improvements (more consistent graphics, movement issues, better tutorial, etc..)

Please check it out at:

There is also a test version for iPhone/iPad on TestFlight using this link:

Also check out the latest devlog…

Any feedback is appreciated!


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