New Essential Ambient Music Pack

Hello devs friend just release my “Essential Ambient Music Pack”.

Inside the Music Pack you’ll find 15 Loopable Tracks (including variations)

All files are the industry standards  (.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)

These are the name of the Tracks:

  • Cold Dreams – No Drum
  • Cold Dreams
  • Flowing the light – No Drum
  • Flowing the light
  • Going Rouge – No Drum
  • Going Rouge
  • Happines is coming – No Drum
  • Happines is coming
  • Memories Of Place
  • Mysterious nocturno
  • No quiet things
  • Only Story
  • Quiet dawn
  • Sinking Waves – No Drum
  • Sinking Waves

Planning for the future? Yes, an Orchestral Ambient Music Pack.

Thank you for your support


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