Hi There! I’ve Released My Puzzle Video Game.

The astronaut has been tasked with collecting data from an abandoned alien spaceship. He was sent there using highly advanced technology, which has one major drawback: it leaves a time-dimensional track behind the user. It’s crucial to avoid bumping into the track, otherwise the hero will be sent back to the beginning of his mission.

The game is based on the principle of “look then go”. Player encounters labyrinth-like levels. To succeed, It’s nessecary to use memory, logic, reaction, attentiveness and a bit of patience

  1.  Logic is required to create a way out from labyrinth and memory to remember the path. Actually, it’s a combo. It can be hard to distinguish which one prevails.
  2. Attentiveness is required  to notice that even though aliens have a randomized path pattern after every reload it follows certain borders.
  3. Reaction  is required to bypass aliens untouched. But again if player will touch aliens it doesn’t mean that game is over. They’re just pushing player to the other side. Which means player can use it in own favor.
  4. Patience is required to withstand difficulties and avoid rushing!


P.S. I bet final will be unexpected for you! So, try this out. I do believe that you will able to complete this game =)


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Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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