AVBot – Tower Defense reimagined

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Play as a AntiVirus robot traveling around a mainframe attempting to keep viruses out of the system.  You’ll need to use the tools provided to you to complete this task, it won’t be easy –  Featuring BULLET-HELL MODE !

** This is my Bullet Hell Game Jam Entry but all is welcome to play.**

  • 3D Physics controlled environment
  • 1000’s of physically controlled bullets on-screen at once
  • Boss encounters, 10+ virus types to defend against!
  • Defend the mainframe in true Tower defense fashion
  • Hyper-paced action, keeps you on your toes non-stop
  • Powers ups, life lines, and additional means to help prolong your gaming session
  • Play coin-op arcade style,  3 lives – go as deep into the game as you can!
  • Stunning visuals, particle effects and sound tracks to keep you mesmerized


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