train AI until it cries

Ahhhh……..another rendered supermarket

Godmode Epochs is a multiplayer AI training clicker game set in an infinite, simulated supermarket. Race against time to train an AI to identify products. As you inevitably frustrate the AI, you must indulge in its memories – cursed stories of AIs who cheated during their training – in order to release its frustration and gain in-game cheats to speedrun the training.

✅ competitive clicker levels
✅ multiplayer dungeon maps
✅ gpt-4 nonsense AI chatter
✅ in-game graffiti
✅  in-game leaderboard and dynamic notification system
cheats included: crymode, 5-a-day, self checkout, cost of living crisis, meal deal, just walk out, every little helps, amazon pairem, blackfriday, get the asda feeling

Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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