get by, get out, or get even in: the scum & villains expansion

get by, get out, or get even

the galaxy can be a rough place. the margins of empire, desperate people do what they must to make ends meet. but where some see desperation, others see opportunity. these racketeers and warlords will kick you while you’re down, then charge you for the opportunity to stand.

the scum & villains expansion is an expansion for riley rethal’s galactic 2e, a tabletop roleplaying game of “rebellion, relationships, and war among the stars.” the scum & villains expansion is inspired by recent Star Wars media, like The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett, as well as classic characters like Han Solo and the many bounty hunters throughout the Star Wars universe. 

like the base games, the scum & villains expansion is a diceless and GM-less game, using the belonging outside belonging system created by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum. it was inspired in part by the actual play of Jess Levine’s other galactic 2e expansion, going rogue 2e, on the A More Civilized Age podcast with Natalie Watson, Rob Zacny of Waypoint, and Austin Walker & Ali Acampora of Friends at the Table.

in the scum & villains expansion, players are thrust into the messy conflicts—and uneasy alliances—between the downtrodden criminals of THE SCUM and the ruthless crime bosses of THE VILLAINY. by splitting galactic 2e’s Scum & Villainy pillar in two, the scum & villains expansion gives players the opportunity to zoom in on the motivations and struggles of those forced to resort to crime and those who oversee it in order to amass wealth and influence.

playbooks like THE HUSTLER allow players to step into the role of fast-talking rogues like Han Solo, leveraging skills like your “black market connections”, “effortless lying”, or “crack shot” to escape the bad situations you put yourself, one after the other—and maybe, one day, find a place worth staying.
THE MERCENARY—inspired by character like Din Djarin of The Mandalorian, Baze Malbus of Rogue One, and Boba Fett of the original trilogy & Book of Boba Fett—lets players live out the struggles of the wandering gun-for-hire, scarred by their loneliness and the dirty work they have come to accept as their lot in life, and looking for a reason to be something more.

to celebrate #MayThe4thBeWithYou, for a limited time you can get a discount #MayThe4thBeWithYou bundle.

for just $20, the bundle includes:

  • galactic 2e by riley rethal
  • the scum & villains expansion by your’s truly
  • going rogue 2e, my other, Rogue One-inspired g2e expansion
  • galactic: cyberpunk, riley’s own g2e expansion

decide your price. find your limit. and when
the chips are down…learn who you really are.


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