We’re preparing realistic tank models and vehicles, and taking care of the mapping of original constructions.

Here, take a look at a tank which you will be able to command:

Is there anything better than commanding a single tank? Well… Maybe leading an entire platoon on them?! In Sherman Commander you will be able to do that by giving orders to other tanks in your platoon!

Of course, there will be many other US Army vehicles besides Sherman Tanks!

In addition to the visual side of the vehicles, we are dealing with mapping of their physics. There will be three types of tanks – light, medium, and heavy! Their sizes and weight impact combat and field operations. We want to simulate it as good as possible.

At the same time, we are also working on objects from which the mission areas will be created. Destructibility tests for buildings are underway:

If you want to know who you will have to face in battle… Check out the first and very formidable opponent:

Thank you and stay tuned for more materials from Sherman Commander!

Take care!
Iron Wolf Studio – Sherman Team
Source: Indie DB

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