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Erenshor is a nod to the MMORPGs of the past like EverQuest and World of Warcraft. You’ll experience the same type of combat, exploration, risk, and reward that those games offered, but you’ll be able to do it in a single player setting.

No scheduled raids, or huge time commitments.

Won’t it be lonely? Nope! Erenshor is filled with simulated players, each completing quests, killing monsters, and inviting you to participate in huge raid encounters when you log in. They’ll remember you from times past, they’ll recognize your new sword and compliment you on it, and they’ll even lead you to secrets as time goes on.

BanditsWhat are those bandits up to?

A simulated NPC

Our friend Behox in this image isn’t actually real, but he’s tagging along with the player on an adventure.

A simulated player party

A party of simulated players grouping up to do something in the world.

simulated players

Wonder what they are up to…

There are thousands of items to discover, hundreds of spells and NPCs, and quests to find and complete for legendary treasures.

Erenshor is the game I’ve always wanted to play, and I hope you love it too.

Currently Erenshor is in a playable state with content up to player level 12 (which takes approximately 3-4 hours of play to achieve). The planned max level is 35 at launch, with room to grow beyond that.

Pre-release trailer

Latest update

Yesterday, we got tired of looking into the night sky and being disappointed with the emptiness of space. We were also worried about the lack of any kind of atmosphere or weather. So, we added a skybox! We now have clouds, and a beautiful night sky!

Future Plans

We still have a lot of work to do so expect many updates in the coming weeks/months. We still have a ton of visual updates, gameplay optimizations, and features left to add. Follow this blog for more info on world lore, development, and opportunities to be a tester!

Thanks for reading!
Brian, from Burgee Media.

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Coming in 2024 to Steam.

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