Moutaincore is a strategy/survival colony builder with the gameplay inspired by Dwarf Fortress, The Settlers I & II, and Dungeon Keeper, and visuals inspired by Prison Architect and Rimworld.

Previously known as King under the Mountain, the game was picked up by a publisher who funded a period of development with a small team full-time, before then dropping the game at the last minute before release. Fortunately, we’ve been allowed to make use of the code and assets produced by this development period, and are re-releasing the game as Mountaincore on May 18th.

Current Features

  • Start with 7 dwarves but you can build and support a population of hundreds
  • A simulated world with changing weather and seasons that have a big impact on gameplay
  • Every one of your settlers has their own needs and desires to fulfil as they work together for the common good
  • A deep crafting tree that leaves no natural resource unused, tied together into satisfying production chains
  • Progress through skill tiers to craft better tools and weapons
  • Trade with merchants to increase your wealth even further
  • Form up and train your military to battle monsters and invaders…
  • …or play in Peaceful Mode to chill out with a relaxing city-builder experience
  • Twitch integration (using viewer names for settlers) to encourage stream audience interaction
  • Full Steam Deck support
  • Built “Mod-first” so that everything is moddable – integration for a smooth modding experience

Future/Roadmap Features

  • Take a party of adventurers to explore other maps and locations – including the maps of other players!
  • Play as other races such as Orcs and Humans with wildly different gameplay mechanics
  • Attract and house nobles to build your prestige to unlock further advancements
  • More dangers and hurdles to overcome such as food spoilage and even worse monsters
  • More treasures and rewards to be found such as monstrous crafting materials and legendary items

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please wishlist the game on Steam to follow along with development! Now that we’re not being forced into a news blackout by a publisher, we’ll be back to posting regular monthly dev updates.

Source: Indie DB

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