As long as I’ve been on itch, and as many projects as I’ve been part of, there’s still so much I haven’t seen before on the site! I’ve never ventured into the itchio forums before. 

This one’s a little different though, you see, this one is my very first full game released for sale! 

Moonflower has been out for a month now (a whole month!) and it’s been a long 6 months of sleepless weeks to develop it.

A 56,000 word visual novel Moonflower features two things very close to my heart. Fantasy with a steampunk flair, and a catboy. 

My first time dealing with a minigame as well! I’ve learned so much on this game and I’d love to be able to reach more eyes on itch. We built a drag and drop alchemy mini game that produces different results depending on the ingredients combined, those result then in turn trigger differ scenes later on in the game! 

Our little game had a goal of 30,000 words and ended up 56,000 words, with multiple endings, POV switches, interaction and a narrative of soul mates. (Also a free demo)

I hope you’ll check out my game! There’s so much more we’d love to share in this world.
Source: itch.io

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