Potion Panic has been released!

Potion Panic LogoPotion Panic is a game about brewing potions, handling customer orders and managing the potion shop of the grand wizard. Can you keep track of everything, while the potion shop evolves as you play?

Potion Panic was made over the past 10 days as part of the Gamedev.js Jam 2023, and it is by far our most polished game jam game. We are super proud of the final result and wanted to share it with the world.


This game consist of approximately 30-40 minutes of gameplay to gain all unlocks.

Throw ingredients and potions

Mix different ingredients and make potions

Sell your potions to questing adventurers and earn money

Buy new recipes and upgrades

Potion Panic is a game jam game developed by Dream Jam Games. We are a small party of hobbyist game developers, participating in occasional game jams, whenever possible. Our games each seek to deliver a joyous experience, delivered in small packages of easily ingestible little pieces – Like delicious jars of jam. So grab a spoon, load it up with one of our games and dig in!


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