Little Planet is pre-released on now

Welcome to Little Planet! With the roar of the spaceship, you landed at a lovely planet—— You can escape into a fantasy, ever-growing and a whole new life. Explore and decorate your own little planet, which is full of excitement, fun items, creatures, and scenery.

Missions? Rather some reminders:

1.The backpack fills up quickly? You need to learn to manage your inventory strategically.

2.Complete terrain editing independently, making a maze is also a great choice!

3.Find a way to get gifts floating in the air.

4.Pay off your debts! Otherwise, you will be sent back to Earth! (Just kidding 🙂 )

5.Fishing? Try to master casting the rod first.

6.Build your beautiful garden from scratch!

7.Look for scattered easter eggs.

8.Never drop items by the sea or else…

9.Make a room that is more aesthetic than the sample room.

10.Be kind to everyone, whether it’s a player or an NPC (No animal cruelty!) etc…

Not available here: hustle and bustle,tedious, academic pressure, tests, cat’s paw, endless competition. It’s your show time to demonstrate your extraordinary wisdom, aesthetics planning ability, strategic thinking and a beautiful mind looking forward to a better life.

❓How to download the game❓

As our game is still in the pre-Alpha stage, players can only access the game through close test, which means it is invite-only. 

If you are interested in playing it,  just join our Discord and DM @Amber!and leave your meta quest email address, then I can send the invitation letter to you.

Little Planet on


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