Hedge Wizard – Queer VN for Spring!

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You play as a travelling hedge wizard who settles down in an old abandoned tower that once belonged to a powerful wizard. With help from someone in the nearby town, you begin to clean the place up and make it a home—and all the while researching the books and tomes the wizard left behind. Will you find knowledge to make yourself a better wizard, or learn something even more important?

While not everyone is trusting of mages, you can make people’s lives better. Make potions, herbal remedies, and cast helpful spells to help people in town to earn their goodwill.

This is a short-and-sweet fantasy game, 23,000 words. Mirri can be romanced or befriended, and there are two possible endings with variations based on player choices.


  • Nameable protagonist and pronoun choices
  • Mirri is fully voice-acted (360+ lines)
  • 3 CGs and Gallery 
  • Gain and lose ‘Goodwill’ points based on the choices you make to unlock different endings
  • You get a cat who is also nameable!


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