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Work on Veterum is in full swing, the time for publishing news is categorically not enough. It is advisable to spend a couple of evening hours not on a diary, but on modeling or writing code.

Thanks again to everyone who played the shared Veterum demo and sent in an exceptional link! The message detection has been scrutinized and studied in the notebook. We have devoted the last two months to working with them.


✅ Full list of changes since the tech demo:
– fixed (hopefully) all bugs;
– added “low” feature. You can shoot through “low” units;
– units standing below the arrow (in water, under walls, etc.) no longer interfere with shooting;
– improved visualization of shooting. Interference is shown that overlaps lines or simply reduces accuracy;
– colored circles are drawn under the units;
– the camera can be scrolled outside the game map (before there were difficulties with the arrangement of units before the battle);
– the inactive zones at the bottom of the screen have disappeared from the map;
– added new artifacts for units (now there are 98 of them);
– Increased chance of getting injured in combat;
– added a new gameplay setting: 1 Morale can occur at the start of each unit’s turn;
– Changed the algorithm for obtaining rewards for units after the battle. Rare medals have become easier to obtain;
– Enemies learned a couple of new tricks;
– seriously expanded the functionality of the map editor;
– The mechanics of fortresses have been reworked. The height difference between the fortress walls and the ground is played out more correctly;
– new models of units and terrain objects, in-game art;
– something else I forgot to mention…


We wrote a short gameplay trailer:
Of course, closer to the release we will record a new one.▫️

YouTube™ Video:


Please add Veterum to your Steam wish list, subscribe to the discord channel and twitter:
▫️Discord.com ▫️Twitter.com

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