Skybiters, a new Roguelite Shoot-Em Up that features 360-degree firing for maximum combat flexibility as a fearless player battle deadly enemy waves and brutal bosses on a ucronic Mars.

Hi everyone! We are Fúlgora, an Argentinean indie studio, and we are thrilled to show you Skybiters, our first title. It´s a roguelite shoot’em up where you, a fearless player, must handle the Skybiter ship’s pilot and gunner actions at your best. Then, in the midst of a plot and a dramatic family crisis in an alternative beginning of the 20th century, you will have to survive deadly space battles!


In the prototype’s current iteration you will find: 

Four weapons and three abilities to engage in battle

An abundance of enemies that will test your nerves

You will experience some of our explorations about which look & feel (visual and musical ) we want with the final game

Along with some work in progress gameplay from the first level.

It’s free, so give it a try and if you can, please share with us your invaluable feedback using this Google Form . A few simple questions can tremendously aid us in the game’s development!

Join the Skybiter Force by following us in or Instagram!!


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