DevLog #2

For the past week, our team updated the name of our game: RoBoo.


We also decided to enrich the current levels with a better balance between challenge and accessibility, story and puzzle.

In detail, we updated the UI components for clearer instructions and added a map when player enter the new zone.

  1. Clearer key UI
key ui

2. Added restart hint when the player gets stuck in the guidance level

hint ui

3. Added angle enemy handbook for the player to understand the mechanic

angle hint

4. Added map animation before the player enters a new zone


In the end, we complete our story about the ending.


At first, we finally make our decision on the game name — Roboo, where we combined our main character little robot, and the main mechanic bubble together. And after our last playtest session, our game was appreciated by the players but there are still some issues with the incomplete guidance and enemy introduction. Therefore, we mainly made updates on guidance material to help players who may be struggling with certain sections and story perfection.

Since we had the basic story setting and 10-15 minutes of play-through time for game levels, our plan is to perfect our storytelling and world-building. Here are some outlooks for our final game:

1. Adding facial expressions for the robot character.

2. Map between scene perfection.

3. Creating a final room with the treasure.

4. Player jump optimization next to the wall.

5. Player walk optimization on the cliff.

6. More UI audio added in-game.

[mac build]
[windows buld]

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