Forgive Me Father 2 is on the way!

What you can be looking forward to:

Forgive Me Father 2 sees players once again journey into a malevolent world inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, where madness never sleeps. The action continues the story of the Priest from the first instalment as he descends into his darkest nightmares on a path to righteous salvation.

Players will be driven to the brink of insanity as they take on hordes of deranged cultists and diverse, eldritch enemies using a vast and varied arsenal of deadly weapons – each featuring powerful variations designed to cause absolute mayhem and wreak utter destruction. A freshly re-imagined and expanded madness system ratchets up the action even further, bestowing unimaginable power to those who choose to fully embrace insanity.

Forgive Me Father 2 elevates the unique and distinctive, dark comic-like visuals of the original game with improved sprites and models. Players will behold satisfyingly juicy blood effects and bear witness to eye-popping animated gibs that fly in all directions, as unimaginable ancient evils are torn asunder. The action is underpinned by a heart-pumping soundtrack that effortlessly blends dark Lovecraftian undertones and atmospherics with face-melting guitars and chest-thumping drums.

More details will be revealed soon. For now, follow Forgive Me Father 2 on Steam, join Byte Barrel’s Discord server and follow Fulqrum Publishing on their Social Media accounts.

As we’ve announced in the opening of Lovecraftian Days, Forgive Me Father will also be ported to consoles, so that’s another thing to be hyped about!

FULQRUM Steam Lovecraftian Days

FMF2 KEY ART 1920x1080

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