They came from outer space, but left the spaceships home. In this 58-page timeline for Fate of Cthulhu,  trade Eldritch Gods for an insidious alien invasion spanning almost a century. Resistance agents seek to disrupt four critical events along the timeline – with the ultimate goal of preventing First Contact in 1932. Cloning labs. MIB. Weird science. Strange mutations. With alien DNA raging through your veins and an Ascellan mind trying to subjugate you,  can you stop the Ascellan Conspiracy?

You can find this ttrpg scenario here:

The PDF includes the Ascellan Conspiracy timeline, modified rules for an alien invasion scenario, examples of Ascellan technology and corrupted stunts, game aids, as well as nine pre-generated PCs.  Requires the Fate of Cthulhu rules to play, also available on itch!