Dream of a Waking Man – Gladiatorial Life (and Death) with the Second Guess System

Dream of a Waking Man

It’s hard to see civilized Rome from the floor of the arena. Through the sweat and dust and blood and roar of the crowd, the roar of your blood pulsing through your veins, the roar of a shout that makes your throat raw.


Freedom is a tease, a taunt, only a few more fights away, just a few more wins, just a couple more, and yet, weeks later, months later, you still fight. You, the supposed barbarian of a people conquered by civilized Rome.

You fight because it is all you can do, that and hope and hope is a well quickly running dry.

Dream of a Waking Man is a solo role-playing game built on the Second Guess System. To play you will need something to record journal entries such as paper and pen as well as a d20 and a d6.


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