So right now we are developing a Tactical turn-based RPG with base management called Hidden Pass. And few days ago we posted our first trailer on our YouTube channel. As you can see in our trailer, we are close to completing our game’s prologue. We are finishing prologue’s main characters and their abillities, map and monsters for the very first battle encounter.

Hidden Pass
is a tactical turn-based RPG set in unique steam-punk fantasy world. Inspired by legendary classic titles such as Xcom 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and modern games like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, we invite you to shape the future of the continent of Averon.

You are leading an expedition to the center of a vast cluster of uncharted isles floating high in the sky, the Elyrium Belt. These lands were previously inaccessible. But now, after the discovery of a new mineral, elyrium, a new era of technological progress has begun – the Age of Discovery. Aircrafts built by various factions have rushed toward the resource-filled lands.

You lead one of these expeditions organized by the Wanderers Guild of one of these factions. Your goal is to reach the heart of the Elyrium Belt and unravel its many mysteries.

THE game

Our game is a combination of tactic battles, original RPG and storytelling systems with economic components and expansion alike in Space Rangers 2. 70% of the gameplay is tactical combat. The other part – basebuilding, character leveling, discovering/conquesting of the world and interactions with other factions.

Our main goal is to create the game of our dreams using the best mechanics of our favorite games. We hope you’ll love our vision and combination of these features:


Procedurally generated global map with lots of different locations gives many opportunities for exploration and conquering. Using different types of aircrafts you can travel through the map and interact with factions (trade, diplomacy and quests). You can explore and conquer eolites (floating isles) for the expansion over the clusters of the Elyrium Belt, because you need to build the outposts with manufactories (for production automatons and gear) and foundation of mines (for gathering the resources and especially elyrium) to reach the Gate of Hidden Pass before other factions. To conquer the eolites you need to destroy enemies’ lairs and solve local problems with logistics to create the supply chain for your own successful expedition: resources are not limitless unlike enemies and amount of time you have to achieve your main goal of expedition — to reach Hidden Pass and solve the mystery of elyrium.

We will have an economic system, based on which a player could produce weapons and armors. Meanwhile, you can teach your characters and buy their abilities in the base.


Zeppelin is a special elyrium aircraft created by Central Treskar Manufactory to travel and explore through the eolites of Elyrium Belt. Using this type of transport you can travel from one eolite to another. All modules of the aircraft have different functions. From command center you manage your crew and their gear, group up them for boarding and drop-offs on eolites. Using Med Bay you can treat some injuries and restore your party members’ Hit Points. Using Tech Bay you can repair your gear, salvageable automatons and make ammunition.


Storyline Events (Alike in Mutant Year Zero), sidequests and random encounters are constantly happening in the Global Map, reflecting the state of the world around you, as well as character relations with other factions. They will often require tactical quick thinking and swift strategic decision-making, bringing different consequences depending on the outcome. Think before you act — your choice might cost you time, resources, or even someone’s life. And you need all of these for a successful expedition.


We will have an economic system, based on which a player could produce weapons and armors. Meanwhile, you can teach your characters and buy their abilities in the base.

Leveling up is based on the Expertise system. If you have the proper level of the Expertise you can buy new abilities on the base. At the moment, in our game we have different races, 7 classes, 22 subclasses and the same amount of specialisations that give you unique abilities. You can freely choose between them and combine them to make teams for drop-offs and battles against a wide variety of enemies in you own style.


  • Different types of terrain inside the battle have influence on the tactics and gameplay.
  • There is a HUGE amount of movements in the game. You have 3 levels in each battle. And every level contains objects on which characters can move. They can also fly between these levels.
  • There is a deep tactical component with big amount of units.
  • There is a mechanic of Big units, which occupy more than one cell (alike in Xcom 2 and Wasteland 3).

In the future we will show you more details. So stay tuned. You can join on Discord for getting more involved or follow us in any comfortable sotial net as twitter, facebook or reddit. And anytime we are waiting you on our kickstarter page.

Source: Indie DB

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