This is Snake Escape B3


This is my first post on Itch.

I made a tiny game, more or less to test out a Basic interpreter which I made for the browser, and then some people thought the game itself was kinda fun to play.  So I post it here.  This is as retro as it gets. You can even press “escape” and list the game by typing LIST, as it was in the old days.  Old school graphics (text mode only, PETSCII inspired). Old school sounds. (All sounds are synthetic).

To play: Use the keyboard.
And go here :

The story:  Guide Simon the Snake through many rooms, and head for the exit. Catch stars, to get extra points, take keys to open doors. Eat pills to get short again(!).  And do not forget the ever ticking timer. Who can make it over 10.000 points?  ( and not in Slow mo mode šŸ™‚ )


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