PondMapV2 5 600x600

PondMapV2 4 600x600


It has been a long time since my last update. I spent about 6 months learning UE4 and Blender, then after some time i just stopped working on it. Then i picked it up again and i am now working on it in UE5, i also have a road map and V2 demo was supposed to come out on 31 of march, however do to my day job i was unable to finish but should do so in nex few upcoming days. Also i will do a complete rework of images that i put up here on Indie DB. With new demo comes new video of course and roadmap is following:


Game Identity / Mantra:

Driving remote controlled cars (RC) in houses and other locations, with the option to make coins and to unlock new race cars.

Design Pillars:

Fast races, traps, abilities, time attack, ai racers, exploration

Genre/Story/Mechanics Summary:

This game puts you in a remote controlled toy race car that lets you explore micro-towns where you can purchase vehicles that have better/stronger abilities and you can move to other map hub locations and explore and find unique secrets. Currency works as you complete races each time offering different amounts of micro-coins (for instance gold for starting races 500 MC, silver 300 MC and bronze 100 MC).


Secrets, traps, abilities for traps, ai races, time attack races, hub world exploration, purchase different vehicles, upgrade said vehicles, currency known as Micro-Coins or MC, eventually Multiplayer co-op.


Game is initially going to be developed for pc keyboard, but during development before releasing out of early access, it should support controller input as well and of course you will be able to rebind most if not all keys on keyboard.

Art Style:

Low poly to medium poly toy style visuals.


Music in game is fast paced for races giving you that feel of the 90s or earlier the game is heavily inspired by the game Re-Volt.

Development Roadmap / Launch Criteria:

Platform: Steam. Audience: From younger kids to older generations who love RC games.

Milestone 1: Mechanics: 31/03/2023

Milestone 2: Full production: 31/07/2023

Milestone 3: Early access beta: 10/08/2023

Launch Day full release: 05.01/2024

Original document is available and tamplate was made by GAME DEV UNDERGROUND / contact me on discord for more information

Now even though i posted a release date this is not certain or for beta either, these are just best estimated release dates on Steam E.A. and Full release of course it might and most likely will take more time than that to actually release it. Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for latest images and soon latest demo to download and play.

Source: Indie DB

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