Mini Medieval – Update 1.3 & 1.4 [Top-down (RPG/RTS/TBS) Game Assets!]

Hello. Mini Medieval is an asset pack designed for RPG (Role Playing Games), RTS (Real Time Strategy Games), and TBS (Turn Based Strategy Games). Like all of my packs Mini Medieval keeps a simple visual style while still being clear to the user.

To get ready for the release of a few Mini Medieval expansion packs I have been updating the base pack with all kinds of new items, entities, and world tiles! Here are two of those updates.

Checkout release v1.3.

This release added a wide variety of new assets, including a fisher unit, sheep, 2 new path types, and much more.

Checkout release v1.4.

Release 1.4 focused on nature, by adding a new tree type (pine), small tree variations of both tree types, saplings, and so much more.

Hope you enjoy, cheers!


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