Free – Roguelike Game Music: Stylized Levels

We have composed stylish, active, and cute music for many games produced in the Roguelike style.

Preview HERE!

The product is FREE and contains three full-length songs and a total of six files. The list of files can be found below:

  1. Falcon_Full 
  2. Falcon_Full_Loop 
  3. Sectors_Full 
  4. Sectors_Full_Loop 
  5. Nowhere_Full 
  6. Nowhere_Full_Loop
  • “Falcon” is a semi-acoustic, semi-electronic piece with a symphonic melodic structure accompanied by synthetic drums. It progresses at a medium pace and is stable.
  • The song “Nowhere” combines elements of Drum & Bass and Oldskool Jungle to create a modern DnB with an old-school rave vibe.
  • “Sectors” is a sci-fi themed, darker piece inspired by trap music.
  • All files are in WAV format.

We wish you success in your projects!


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