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My trek to PAX East to discover the next hit games made with Unity

In Paper Trail by Newfangled Games, players move through the world and solve puzzles by folding paper to create new pathways. The game is a stylistic mix of printmaking and watercolor, blended together to create a beautifully unique environment.

For Paper Trail, the team needed to prioritize rendering the paper optimally. This was achieved by creating a custom scriptable render pipeline in Unity. They also made heavy use of 2D tools and the Addressables package, which allowed them to create platform-specific objects. From there, all cross-platform assets were contained in a single branch, meaning no more messy, platform-specific branches or chaotic merging.

“One thing I’d really recommend other Unity devs look into is the Unity Build Server license,” shared Newfangled Games’ Henry Hoffman. “If you’re an indie and want to host your own build server, allowing you to automatically build and deploy to multiple platforms, [then buying] pro licenses for Windows, Mac, and Linux build agents [will mean] paying for three pro licenses, which is expensive.”

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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