Lizz’s Story Launch, a new Tiny Mass game!


Like lizards? No? Like trippy, cutesy art?  Still no? Well err… try Lizz’s Story anyway! It’s the hip new game about Lizz, the hippest, newest pet sweeping the nation! It starts out the size of a pea, but feed it enough Yummz and watch it grow!

This game was made as part of the Tiny Mass Games collective, a group of cool Massachusetts-based indie devs making short games within a short time. This also happens to be a special game for me, as it is a game I worked on with my own sister, Paz Mallea, who concepted the story and drew all of the art and handled animations (plus made tons of sound effects).

Link to da game!

Please check out other Tiny Mass Games, like Be Honest, Million Monster Militia, and more!

Also please check out my sister’s site too for her fantastic art


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