ranDOOM – A blend between classic and modern DOOM with some randomization added to it

ranDOOM is a first person shooter mainly based on the two original DOOM games that were released in the 90s. It also takes some inspiration from modern DOOM games and some of their mods, like the Enemy Randomizer Mod for DOOM Eternal.

It was originally developed for a school project, but I knew from the very beginning it was going to be more than just that if everything went well, and I’m happy to be able to say it did, which is why I’m making this post now and releasing it to the public.

The game currently features 2 very short and unfinished levels (which will probably end up getting removed/heavily modified in the final build), a wide variety of demons, secrets, cheats, all the classic weapons, 2 different music styles and more.

Here’s a couple of screenshots I took while playing and testing the game:

You can download the game for free from here.

I hope you all like it.


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