CHVLR is a journaling game about the terrible cost of war and the scars it leaves on those chosen to fight it. It is a game about violence. It is a game about fear.

But most of all, it is a game about hope. Its power and its absence.

Using the Wretched & Alone system, you play as the newest recruit to an experimental military program. You are a teenager, barely into your adolescence before you are chosen, or perhaps forced, to pilot a colossal bipedal robot known as a CHVLR (Chevalier, pronounced “shuh” + “VAL” + “ee” + “ay”).

There has been little in the way of training. You are the only one that can pilot this machine – you are the only one with the ability to command its power. Now it is time for you to take to the field.

You will see and do terrible things. You will kill.

Few can truly prepare for the burden that such a responsibility places on your mind and your body. You are so young, and so much rests on your shoulders.



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