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– Mike now responds to groundhog day date.
– Achievements implemented. You can now collect 28 different achievements that are counted across savegames (three of them are not yet available).

– Daddy Squirrel can now be approached multiple times during the day, but will only ask if you’re coming back tomorrow.
– The conversation with Daddy Squirrel now no longer breaks off if you don’t give him any supplies.
– Daddy Squirrel will not accept any more supplies if he has enough to survive the winter.
– At the end of each day there is a choice whether to use the EXP received directly. After that the game is saved.
– You get a hint at the end if Seebastian survived or not, or if you didn’t meet him at all.
– [Hard and Infernal only] The starting bonus once you have played through the game has been increased from 50 to 300 supplies.
– [Infernal only] On a Game Over with no extra lives, you can choose the “Quick Restart” to restart on Day 1 without having to rewatch the intro.

– All food values have been revised. Apples and pears now weigh less, most other food weighs more.
– All bonus yields from gatherable food have been increased.

– There is now a statue of the Bremen Town Musicians on the farm (Swift 2 version).
– [Home] The area has been slightly changed.
– [Village – Winter] The area has been slightly changed.
– [Fields] The area has been slightly changed.
– [Lake] The area has been slightly changed.

– [Forest – Autumn] Background music now starts earlier.

– Enemy damage is no longer calculated multiple times on contact.
– Predators and food are now available again in the home area in winter.
– It is now no longer possible to overfeed the children.
– The woman in the village who gives you walnuts in winter was programmed incorrectly. Now she gives you some walnuts every day.
– Under certain circumstances, it was possible to get infected with the gray squirrel virus without any repercussions.
– It is now no longer possible to jump in the skill tree.
– The cursor in the skill tree now moves a bit faster.
– The stairs at the top of the mountain can now be entered from the side.
– If you don’t find anything in a snow pile, the supply icon no longer appears.
– If you dig in the snow pile at the end of the day and thus end the day, your character will no longer automatically move on the next day.
– You can now no longer move while creating a stash.
– The letters when entering a name are now centered in their place.
– When you die in the evening, the background sound with the evening sounds is no longer played permanently.
– If you flee from an predator into one of the hiding caves, the enemy music in the cave will no longer play.
– Enemy music is no longer played in the skill tree.
– Reflections were not always displayed in winter.
– Fixed a few graphics bugs.

– Food that cannot yet be collected now displays a lock and a message that you must unlock it first.
– The family overview now shows how much food you need for today.
– At night, before the prompt asking if you want to stay awake, the current day is now displayed.
– Gatherable food is a bit more centered in the tile and not so far away that you have to search for the exact location.
– There is now a hint when you unlock the gray squirrel profile.
– Reflections are now turned on by default in the options menu.
– Logo in title screen reworked. The initial letters should now be easier to recognize.
– Version number now appears in title screen.
– Credits revised.

Screen33 achievement

Screen32 achievements

Screen31 statue

Screen30 nahrunggesperrt

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