Veni, Vidi, Video 2023 – Week 3 March


Hey there! Welcome to this week’s roundup of the YouTube, where we covered a total conversion transforming one classic into another and an overhaul of a seminal title!

Part of Halo’s appeal is how convincingly its core conflict is portrayed, with you as one superpowered part of the war. Halo Wars simulated this out and out combat in one way, but for those who want to stick in first person, Battlefront: Halation lets you get up close and personal with the Covenant in battlefields ranging across the Halo franchise.

Godsworn is an indie RTS full of the lifeblood of classics like Warcraft that still brings its own unique spin to the genre. Placing an emphasis on fantastical combat and appeasing deities to achieve victory, you’re blessed with tremendous power to dominate the opposition and prove you’re top dog.

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DOOM is usually the go-to engine for people looking to make something ambitious in an ancient engine, but Quake has also seen a few top notch entries and The Ascension of Vigil, a fantasy 3D action platformer, is one such title. Running standalone thanks to its sheer amount of custom content, it’s a strong contender for a list of great TCs for older games.

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That’s all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future!
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