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Made with Unity: 7 ways creators are using Unity beyond games

With anything you learn, reading or watching is different from doing. This is often the value of VR. Instead of experiencing the work for the first time in the field, VR gives people simulated experiences during training. For this reason, it can help improve competency and retention. Berenice Terwey’s Plumbing System Maintenance Simulator showcases this.

Terwey shared, “Unity is a powerful and versatile engine that can be used for a wide range of applications beyond just games. As a freelance Unity developer and XR prototyper, I have been using Unity to create virtual and augmented reality experiences as marketing and sales tools, training applications, architectural visualizations, exposure therapy, etc. Unity’s support for VR and AR development, cross-platform compatibility, a powerful, yet efficient rendering engine, and tools such as Unity Reflect and Unity Perception make it a great choice for me to create versatile non-game applications.”

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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