In search of wisdom and salvation – Puzzle /3DPlatformer /stealth game

In search of wisdom and salvation is a puzzle / 3DPlatformer / stealth game set in a beautiful post apocalyptic world


In 2050, a great world war broke out and most of the people of the planet lost their lives because of this war. Only a small population remains. A tribe of survivors looked for a way to build a better future and learn from humanity’s past mistakes. 

A few months ago, a mystical man found a book that was a great guide for humanity, but the area where the mystic man went has been captured by the occupying forces. The tribe sends a robot to find the man and the book he found.

Game features

  • Atmospheric and beautiful post apocalyptic environment
  • Fun and entertaining Puzzle /Platformer /stealth gameplay
  • suitable for both male and female players

Download link:


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