Tiny Titans – A Mausritter RPG module

After making a few add-on modules and some standard adventures, I have put a lot of work into creating a much more detailed and complex adventure for the Mausritter RPG with some interesting and unique elements.

Introducing: Tiny Titans – An ant-based adventure for Mausritter

Three ant colonies are at war with each other, and players must decide how they will get involved – they can take one of the sides, fight against everyone, or try to avoid conflict and look for loot. Players will meet different characters along the way and find interesting new treasures while working towards a final outcome that is entirely based on their actions!

Check out the product page for more info about this adventure that involves combat, diplomacy, stealth, and brave adventuring.

I’d love to hear feedback from people who have checked it out and played it, so please let me know what you think!

Tiny Titans - Four unique locations

Tiny Titans - New items

Tiny Titans - Three factions


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