Shades of Insanity


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Shades of insanity is a first-person, single-player, Psychological puzzle-adventure where the player is a mental patient in a psychiatric hospital with schizophrenia. You hear voices that haunt you and see hallucinations. The horror-like hallucinations make you feel like the hospital is no longer safe for you so you must escape!



Our core mechanics are a forced perspective and it consists of grabbing an object and dropping it down on another perspective. The unique thing about this mechanic is that the size of the object depends on the perspective of the player itself. In other words, the objects can grow or shrink depending on where the object was dropped. And the inverse reflection where the reflection of an object shows the oposite of it, for an example: a green box would turn into a red box and a lock would turn into a key.

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Games that inspired us



When the Darkness Comes

when the darkness comes

Stay tuned for more updates!

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