Escape hell and banish demon in Gehinnom Prologue

Gehinnom Prologue is now out

Uncover the dark origins of Gehinnom in the singleplayer prologue, you’ll discover the sinister forces behind the infernal realm and learn the secrets of how to escape. As you explore the map and gather clues to perform a powerful ritual to banish the demonic hunter that stalks you.

Dynamic Gameplay!

Experience the thrill of the unknown with Random Scares
every run in Gehinnom is unique and dynamic, tailored to the player’s location and actions.

True Sense Of Horror

Immerse yourself in an authentic sense of horror as you navigate the dark landscape of Gehinnom.
where the feeling of uneasiness is ever-present – until it’s too late.

Tactical & Intense

Outsmart and survive by strategizing, use a variety of items to your advantage and find a way to delay,hurt and escape the demon.


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