Check out my new game Zephyr: The Cone Wars

An uproar in the Brass Kingdom caused a rebellion against the Tuba King. That rebellion caused the exiling of a bunch of Cone people. The people a part of that rebellion were called the Cone Rebellion. Centuries later, the Cone Rebellion rose up to create the Cone Empire. Cone Man, the leader of the rebellion, chose 5 strong members of the rebellion to be part of the Cone Council. However, in the rise of the empire, the council betrayed Cone Man resulting in the dethroning of Cone Man. After this, the council began to lead the kingdom into ruin, pushing the weak in an area of the empire called The Dark Cone and the strong to the capital of the empire. In the present day, the Cone Council has decided to remove the Dark Cone from the empire, and by doing that everyone in Dark Cone will be killed. To counter this decision,  two warriors that live in the dark cone rebel against the council, those warriors’ names are Comi and Tuba Girl. As they set off on this journey, a spy of the council hears about this and tells the council. The council angered by this tells its strongest troops to go after them, and so the story begins.

Please check it out and give it a try whenever you like. It’s free for everyone.

My game:


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