A Ride at Sunrise is a text-based game made in twine about going to school and meeting a peculiar stranger in a town near the sea.

It’s prettyyy short, half-butted and half-efforted but! It’s a special game  to me that expresses my love for the sea, living by the sea, public transportation and random philosophical(? is it even) thoughts i have!



  • There’s only one ending and NO wrong choices! You can restart however, to see conversations you may have missed. Different choices means different outcomes, of course!
  • One Love/Friend interest! Can be a girl or boy (your choice). Romance is optional, of course!
  • YOU, yes YOU, the MC is customizable! Choose your own gender, uniform and accessories!
  • Even more, choose your own technical-breakfast-of-the-day

Otherwise, It’s all text and story šŸ˜› I hope it is enjoyable at the least and thank u to anyone who plays it! 

Here’s the game, It’s completely free to be played on the comforts of your browser:


Source: itch.io

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