Projected Dreams – Demo out now!

Hey everyone! A few days ago, we released the demo version of Projected Dreams!

The prototype for this project was created during the “Brackeys Game Jam” in early 2022. We were inspired by the jam’s theme, “it is not real,” to create a game about a girl and her imagination.

We rely on nostalgia to set the mood, to elicit this nostalgic feelings through presenting the player with a set of objects and interaction options and simply let them play around with them. This is why we created a relaxing puzzle game with no fixed solution to the task.
The only thing you need to do is create a shadow that matches the one required; which objects you use is entirely up to you.

We decided to further develop this prototype into a full game after presenting it at PopCon Zürich in October 2022 in the hopes of bringing back a brief moment of how we felt as children.

We are in need of player feedback so feel free to comment your thoughts on the page:
or on twitter:

Thank you so much for checking the game out <3


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