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Episode 2 is almost done! What’s Episode 2, you ask?

If you know old shooters, you know a lot of them have an episodic structure within a single game. Like Doom started with Knee-Deep in the Dead, and Duke Nukem 3D with L.A. Meltdown, remember?

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This is what you’ll see when you start our game

Beyond Sunset is similar in this regard: we also have episodes that share the setting. The difference is that we actually tell a story through them, instead of simply presenting differently-themed map packs. Basically, in Beyond Sunset, episodes work like acts.

Each episode tells a segment of the story in a new location and introduces a twist to the gameplay.

E2 takes place in a technological megastructure that’s designed to function almost as a living organism. This makes it less cozy and familiar than the streets of Sunset City, but we feel that it adds nice variety and a break after exploring the dirty, Yakuza-infested avenues.

Despite the environment being more abstract, it was designed with a purpose and backstory.

In every level we make, we try to justify why the things you see are there in the first place. We feel that any game is more immersive if the surroundings have an actual purpose in their designer’s mind.

For example, we have a part that’s based on the real-life Hadron Collider. But for us, this is the system that powers the entire place.

Screenshot MyStandaloneGame 2023

Apart from it, a lot of what you’ll see in E2 is meant to resemble Ancient Egyptian architecture. Additionally, the three main sections of the building use their own color pattern and an individual motif based on a geometrical shape. This adds a unique look to each of the sections and lets us guide you through them easily without any objective markers.

The different visual elements blend nicely and create an eerie, cold, alien environment that’s in stark contrast to the city streets.

E2 also shakes up the way you play the game as the space gets wider and allows us to throw more enemies at you. Or faster enemies. Or tougher enemies. Or all at the same time!

Screenshot MyStandaloneGame 2023 1

Here’s one acquaintance you’ll make

As for the gameplay, I mentioned that we want each Episode to introduce a twist. This is something that should make Beyond Sunset stand out among other retro shooters. But it’s a huge topic to cover, so let’s talk about it some other time.

Thanks for reading! If you made it this far, consider adding our game to your wishlist.

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