StimuWrite is an app for writers who need more stimulation to focus. Version 2 just got released and it’s free/donationware!

StimuWrite is a companion writing app for people who are neurodivergent, addicted to social media notifications, or would benefit from extra stimulation and feedback when they draft and take notes.

While you write, StimuWrite provides visual feedback in the form of a progress bar and emoji that evolve as you hit your word count milestones. If the environment is still too calm for you to focus, you can add a video background to simulate being in a cafe or floating in space. For auditory feedback, choose from 9 fun typing sounds and 6 ambient background soundscapes. Enhance and customize your writing environment even further with additional themes and add-ons!

StimuWrite is not a replacement for your favorite writing app, it’s a notepad and scratchpad for getting your ideas down and drafting scenes for pieces of a larger work. Fans of Write or Die’s reward mode and Written Kitten will love this app!

Check it out here šŸ™‚


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