The Everymovie is a small wario-ware inspired web game created for the NUCATS Game Jam 2023, with contributions from 3 people. It’s also my first time publishing a game to Itch. It has minigames inspired by (well, parodying) classic movies, only using WASD and Space as a control scheme.

The Game Jam theme was “A Day At The Movies”, and also had the prerequisite that it had to be a high score game.

Since it was created for a game jam (and we were also preoccupied with university work), the resulting game is small but I think it is a good proof of concept and a creative idea. Only 4 Minigames were added , with 2 partially finished minigames. The potential for more minigames is nearly infinite however (assuming movies continue to be made), and more minigames may be added if there is a reception for the game!

Nearly everything for the game was made by us, apart from some textures for the 3d renders and one sound effect, including music, sprites and programming, most of which was done by me.

You can play the game at this link, and feedback would be great!


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