“Saving The Last Petal” is fully released! (Visual Novel)

A few days ago, we released it but it wasn’t exactly… Finished (The Partial Voice Acting for one of the characters was still unavailable yet) 

But now, it’s fully released! Maybe a few updates for Translations, game features, etc. 

BTW… Have Fun! And enjoy! 

But here’s some info:


We all know Magical Girls are usually filled with bubbly cuteness, joy and laughter… But what happens when you encounter a Magical Girl who’s at the end of her life? When you, a mere human, has only shown her kindness and love? Will she be able to love you back, even if it costs her own life?


A girl in a fantastical outfit appeared in your garden. “That’s not normal,” thought Atsuo. With only a petal left, Yua’s breath could be her last anytime. After the discovery of Yua, Atsuo gave his best to give her the happiest final moments of her life. But… what if there was another way? If Atsuo could trade his own life for Yua’s… would he?

A few  images:


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