Release of Unauthorized Termination

Hi everyone. Way back in 2006 I entered the Interactive Fiction (text advenutre) “Unauthorized Termination” into the IFComp, and it came 10th. Written using Adrift 4, it has not really been possible to play them on-line.  But it is now. 

What is it about? You play the part of a senior examiner at the Centre of Examination for the city Upsilon in what is basically a totalitarian state. On a world where nearly all forms of crime are punishable by termination, the function of examiner is normally little more than that of an executioner. Part way through a scheduled down cycle, a message arrives on your communicator.  This message requires you to attend the Centre of Examination immediately.

I’d be very grateful if people played this and left a comment.

Play Unauthorized Termination


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