Release of the demo version of our first big game

Hello everyone!

Last week we released a demo version of our first big game, this is the one that should reveal us to the big video game world. We have high hopes for this game, so please add the game to your wish list, it will help a lot in promoting the game.

The full version of the game is likely to be released by the end of next month, will cost $ 5, will be passed in 2-3 hours and give you a variety of emotions.

Development of the game started a year ago, the whole time we were hoping for a speedy release, posting news about the game’s postponement. First, the release was scheduled for last July, then for December, now it is indefinite and will be announced only when the game is fully ready and sent to the stores for publication. Now the game is closer than ever to release and we ask you to join our discord community in order not to miss any news.

Game Life of Slime Browser Demo by 0-Game Studios (


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